Management Team

François Lambert

Managing Partner

A wise businessman, François Lambert is an investor and a seasoned manager. A man of action, insight and convictions, François has found success both professionally and personally. Recently, François joined the team of Radio-Canada's Dans l'oeil du dragon as a dragon in search of talent and innovative ideas.

As a child, François Lambert wanted to become a sheep farmer. His dream came true when his parents purchased a farm in the Outaouais region. Seeing a business opportunity, he decided to raise quail to sell their eggs and used the farm's equipment to remove snow from the neighbor's yards. A brilliant but distracted teenager, François developed a passion for sports that allowed him to satisfy his need for challenges and performance. 

After graduating from Université du Québec en Outaouais, he joined the federal public service as a financial analyst. On paper, his career seemed to be taking off. But the entrepreneurial spirit in him never vanished and by 1994 he resigned and decided to try his luck in business in Montreal. 

In 2000, with his partner Georges Karam, he co-founded AHEEVA, a company specializing in providing technology solutions for call centers. In 2003, Georges and François repeat their success, and start ATELKA, a contact center management company, which currently employs over 2500 people in six cities in three provinces and serves customers throughout North America. Both companies are experiencing phenomenal growth allowing François to take a step back and focus on his passions: the land, sports and the development of new projects. 

With Georges Karam, in 2011 he launched Impulse Capital, a venture capital company. Always eager to explore new territories, he joined the team of "dragons" on Radio-Canada to perfect his art of unearthing promising opportunities and innovative ideas. François is also a member of the Anges Quebec investors group. 

François holds a bachelor's degree from Université du Québec en Outaouais. A sports enthusiast, he has completed four marathons and trains daily. Father of two children, he now lives with his family on his farm in the Outaouais region, where he grows corn and oats, in addition to producing maple syrup and honey. 


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