Founded in 2011, Impulse Capital is an investment firm specializing in venture capital. It provides financing for different projects that are at various stages of their growth, whether start-ups or expansion of already established companies.

Impulse Capital is looking for innovative and promising Canadian projects that require capital to get them off the ground or guarantee their success.

Impulse Capital – Where passionate entrepreneurs and intelligent money come together

At Impulse Capital, we’re passionate about turning innovative ideas into successful companies. As seasoned business experts with a proven track record in building successful companies, we are able to provide more than just capital. For entrepreneurs seeking to propel their business to new heights, we are also able to provide strategic advice in areas such as sales, marketing, business development, production, and R&D.

What we do and how we do it
Impulse Capital helps entrepreneurs grow successful companies by providing ongoing advice and support. Through strategic investment and value-added support, Impulse Capital’s mandate is to contribute to the success of start-ups or companies wishing to undertake a rapid growth phase. While all industries could be of interest to us, our strategic focus is on innovative IT companies with high growth potential.

Our efforts are focused: we will partner with co-investors and entrepreneurs who share a strong commitment to building successful, competitive technology companies. Despite the risks associated with investing in early-stage companies, our ultimate goal is to generate an excellent return on our investments.

How we invest
We invest strategically in passionate entrepreneurs. While our initial investments usually range from $100,000 to $500,000, we know first-hand that it takes time and money to grow a successful company. For this reason, we will consider multiple rounds of investment as part of the company’s growth cycle and the achievement of agreed-upon milestones.

We also encourage our investee companies to create a strong and balanced Board of Directors. A representative of Impulse Capital will serve on that Board to, amongst other things, ensure sound governance practices.

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